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Yesterday I went to the cinema with friends to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, and being a massive Potter fan, I thought I would offer some thoughts on this prequel to the world we all know. As I have only seen the movie once, this post is more of a string of random initial thoughts than a full blown review. If time allows, I may post a more comprehensive analysis once Fantastic Beasts is released on Blu Ray.

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Shortly after I finished watching the season three finale of Once Upon a Time I saw many comments by disgruntled fans about the Captain Swan scene that occurred at the end of There’s No Place Like Home. The fans said things like “Really? She gave into him because he sold a ship?” or made claims that it was wildly out of character. At the time I knew I disagreed, but felt I didn’t have enough textual knowledge to back up my belief so I didn’t respond. Now however having just completed a rewatch of the first two seasons I would like to offer some observations about both Hook and Emma’s character that make this scene not only believable for me, but in my opinion completely consistent with what we know of both characters particularly Emma.

From the earliest days of Once Upon a Time it was established that Emma grew up without anyone who cared for her. In True North she tells Mary Margaret growing up she was a ‘meal ticket’ moved from home to home as soon as she got to be more trouble than she was worth a trauma that along with Neil’s later betrayal culminated in Emma creating a wall around her by the time we meet her in Pilot. As a result the show has consistently shown that Emma is touched by and responds to others who are willing to put her first and show genuine love towards her. Back in Hat Trick while Emma was still unaware of the true relation she shared with Mary Margaret she cites this as the reason she has truly come to care for her ‘friends’ fate when she states;

“Because, when Regina framed me, and you bailed me out, I asked you why. And you said you trusted me. And then, when I wanted to leave Storybrooke cause I thought it was best for Henry, you told me I needed to stay because that was the best for him. And I realized, all my life, I have been alone. Walls up. Nobody’s ever been there for me – except for you. And I can’t lose that. I cannot lose my family.”

Emma makes it very clear here that it is Mary’s Margaret genuine belief in her and the selfless act of bailing her out based on this belief that led to Emma opening her heart to the other woman, showing that while she may not have wanted to admit it Emma has always craved love. Likewise in Lady of the Lake Emma is clearly touched when she hears Snow White jumped through the portal just to be with her as she “is not used to someone putting me first”. Having now established that Emma responds to others both believing in her and putting her first let’s look at Hook and ultimately the scene they share in There’s No Place Like Home.

From the first episode we encountered him one of the key characteristics of Hook was his love for his ship. To Hook the ship was his home, it was the place he shared with his first true love Milah and he clearly sees it as a large part of his identity as a pirate. Therefore when Hook sold his ship to procure a memory potion for Emma this was a huge sacrifice on his part, he was not just giving up a ship, he was giving up his home and something that he largely associated with his past identity. Of course this was not the only sacrifice Hook has made for Emma as it was a huge thing for Hook to give up his vengeance on Rumpelstiltskin back in ‘And Straight on Till Morning’ in order to rescue Henry from Peter Pan, but as Emma’s feelings for him back then were not as strong as they were by the end of season three this of course did not have the same impact on her.

Therefore when Emma asks Hook in a stunned tone “You gave up your ship for me” she knows Hook well enough to know they are not just talking about a ship, but as I mentioned above his home and in a sense his past as a villainous pirate out for vengeance and it is therefore unsurprising that this is what enables her to finally give into the feelings she had already developed for Hook. Feelings that were already evident even if she would not admit to them, after all it was only two episodes previous that she gave a heartfelt plea “Killian , come back to me” when Zelena drowned him during Kansas. There is also the fact that she risked everything to save his life although it could be argued as a hero Emma would have done that for anyone. Therefore in this scene it is her words and her panic that is the key to unravelling the woman’s feelings for Hook.

I am not here to tell anyone what they should or should not ship as that is something that is entirely personal. However, based on these observations I do feel it is a deep injustice to the writers and to the deeper nuances of the character themselves to speak of this scene as merely Emma in an out of character manner giving into Hook because of a boat as I’ve seen others comments on-line.

What did you think of this mini meta? Do you agree? Has it perhaps led you to see the scene in a new light or do you think I’m talking complete and utter nonsense? Please let me know your thoughts on my meta and the scene itself by commenting…
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At the end of the most recent Supernatural episode the following exchange was shared between the brothers.

Dean: All right, you want to be honest? If the situation were reversed, and I was dying, you’d do the same thing.
Sam: No, Dean. I wouldn’t. Same circumstances … I wouldn’t.

I have seen many fans turn on the character because of this, they use words like 'uncaring' 'cold' or blame the writers throwing around comments like "out of character". While I have my issues with the Jeremy Carver era of Supernatural this is one of the few things I feel they got right and here is why...

To begin with I feel it is important to note that I think the brothers at this point are fundamentally divided by their different attitudes towards messing with the natural order and have been since the beginning of season eight. With this in mind Sam's words to Dean about not doing the same thing had the situation been reverse at the end of The Purge are perfectly fitting on several levels.

The first is that this is consistent with Sam's behaviour since the beginning of season eight when he made the decision to let Dean go when he went to purgatory. I know the majority of fandom are content to just follow along with the Dean subscribed theory that he 'abandoned' him but I don't consider this to be the case at all. Sam made it clear on a number of occasions that he considered Dean to be truly dead whether it was the surprised exclaim of "You're frigging alive!" when they were reunited in We Need To Talk about Kevin or the genuinely mournful tone he spoke of Dean in during the flashbacks in Hunteri Heroici. Therefore Sam's decision to 'not look for Dean' was not in fact a decision not to look for him it was a decision to 'let him go'. Looking at Sam's behaviour in early season eight from that angle also shows a continuity with his later plea to Death to ensure Dean can not bring him back and cause hurt to others and his declaration that he would not have done the same as Dean. In my opinion Sam unlike Dean has truly taken to heart the message that 'what is dead should stay dead' and 'when your time comes let go'.

The second level Sam's declaration works on relates specifically to the circumstances that took place and who Sam is. Sam has always been one who struggled for control of his own destiny whether it was attempting to escape the hunting life John tried to force on him by going to Stanford, his strong willed fight not to become the little demon king Azazel wanted him to be or becoming Lucifer's vessel. This is a consistent characterisation of Sam's throughout the show and as such being under the control of another is his worse nightmare something that Dean is well aware of hence his declaration that Sam would never have willingly went along with Ezekiel/Gadreel's proposal. On top of that Sam has been the victim of possession in several cases he has had to suffer seeing other hunters die at his hands (Meg's possession in Born Under a Bad Sign and those close to him suffer hurt (Jo and Kevin). For all of those reasons I think it is perfectly in character for Sam to declare that he would have never made the choice for Dean that Dean made for him in the S9 première.

These are just some basic thoughts I have on the issue and I hope they help those who are struggling to grasp Sam's current mindset come to terms better with his most recent behaviour :)
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05 February 2014 @ 09:20 pm
To those who read my Supernatural episode reviews I would like to apologise for my lack of updates on that front. After one and a half seasons of constant complaining and hoping things would get better I finally reached the point where I needed to take a break from the show. That said aside from a handful of Castiel and Sam scenes shown First Born the last episode I've watched was Heaven Can't Wait.I have been keeping track of what has happened thanks to my friends list here on LiveJournal and have formulated opinions on the current rift between Sam and Dean based on what I've heard largely falling into line with what I've been speculating since last season. If any of you are interested in hearing my thoughts on that do feel free to reply to this message.

Now enough with the doom and gloom! I am delighted to say that I have found a new show (for me) that manages to make me extremely happy and that is The X Files. The main characters are rich and complex, the story-lines fascinating and it has such a mix of monsters of the week which varies from horror moviesque to extremely science based that I'm being kept on my toes. I'm currently on season three out of nine in my marathon so I still have six seasons and two movies left to enjoy ;)

A final note for this update is that as many of you may have noticed I have revamped my Livejournal to reflect my current fandom interests.

  • The skin was made courtesy of cssbox with minor modifications to suit my needs.

  • The X File themed banner on top was made by yours truly.

And I think that's all I need to say! Feel free to drop me a note in the comments section I would love to hear from my friends list <3
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04 November 2013 @ 11:29 pm
Slumber Party is a typical Robbie Thompson episode, that is, one which is filled with interesting character work, a suitable pace and comedic moments that fit perfectly with the general tone of the episode. It continues the development of the Sam/Ezekiel storyline in particular Dean’s growing dynamic with the angel, it explores the brothers understanding of the term ‘home’ particularly Sam’s and indulges in the fun that comes with making the land of Oz apart of the supernatural verse. Overall despite some minor issues I have with the character of Charlie I found it to be a particularly enjoyable forty minutes of television and my second favourite of the season so far.

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Sorry for those who like to read my reviews that this came so late in the week and isn’t as proofed in certain parts as I’d like. I had virus issues over the weekend which took up my time, but I wanted to get this posted before tomorrow night’s episode aired.
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30 October 2013 @ 12:36 am
As someone who isn't the most artistic it has always been a source of jealously that I've never been able to make lovely icons and wallpapers like other talented users can. However now thanks to galathea_snb recommending a couple of pieces of software I've spent the last day or so experimenting with making gifs. They are far from professional looking, but I like to think I'm learning with each attempt and some of them look pretty good :)

For anyone interested my first few experiments with GIFs can be found under the cut! Very minor spoilers for the latest episodes of Grimm and Supernatural!

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19 October 2013 @ 10:23 pm
Devil May Care by Andrew Dabb is a busy episode as it deals with the consequences of Sam and Dean’s decision not to close the gates of hell at the end of season eight, and it explores Dean's mind-set after his troubling decision in the previous episode. I found this episode touched on a number of issues, but nothing I feel the need to analyse in depth. So instead of my usual format this week’s review will be written as a bullet point list.

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I've touched on this briefly in other discussions but lately I've been noticing alot of complaints about the behaviour of fans towards the writers and general creative team over on Twitter. The complaints seem to come from fans themselves such as those who complain about the pushiness of extreme Destiel shippers about making their ship canon, or pushy Castiel haters calling for Misha Collins to be fired from the show. Others actually come from the writer themselves for instance Robbie Thompson had to ask Castiel haters to stop including him in their tweets and Adam Glass has recently tweeted the following:

Dear Hater on Tumbir who mocks me for saying that the writer's are a diverse group of people. Well, apparently only color means diversity to you. Not religion, sexual orientation, gender, economic, education or lack of, physical, and social backgrounds, which our staff is all of. So b4 u get ur internet courage and blab, know the facts. There is a great representation of minorities working in all facets of our show. And I'm proud to have a chance to work with all of them. You want to attack me personally, go for it. That's the job of a writer to recieve criticism, but I get sick of these bullies who sit at home hiding behind a sock account and write venomous lies about people I care about. ~ ADAM GLASS

Funny how people read into your 140 character tweets. The point is we speak about the boys all the time in depth. You might not like our... Choices but it's not because we don't care about one character or another. We care about all of them. So yes, it gets frustrating when ur accused of favoritism or told that you don't care. We do, we take it from the writer's room home with us. Every point is debated and spoken about till we reach a conclusion. But I an my fellow writers r always thinkin of them. So, yes, u might not like what we do, but we do care. ~ ADAM GLASS

Just had lunch with CBS EXEC who is SPN FANGIRL. She really knew the show. And whoever doesn't luv @mishacollins - can get off of my cloud. ~ ADAM GLASS

In my opinion the fact Adam in particular has felt the need to tweet these types of messages shows that there is something deeply wrong with the current interaction between the creative team and fans. But how do you guys feel this should be changed? To get an idea I'll include a poll;

Poll #1939314 How should fans interact with writers on Twitter?

How should fans interact with writers on Twitter?

They should not mention the show in anyway. There are other more formal ways of giving feedback.
They should praise the elements they enjoyed, but no criticism. Twitter is not the place for that.
Fans can both praise and criticise the show, but they must be polite in how they do it.
The current way is fans. The writers are professionals and should just deal with the positive and negative feedback without complaint.

Personally I would go for option two. I don't think the solution is a total cut off from the fan base and it seems to me neither do the writers based on the fact they still take the time to answer fan questions in spite of the recent issues. I think though that the feedback that should be given on Twitter should be positive and to the point so the writers can see what is and isn't working. For instance a fan of the brothers bond should feel free to send a message along the lines of "I really loved that final scene between Sam and Dean last night. What wonderful acting, writing and directing" or a Castiel fan should be able to send "Cas was brilliant last night! Totally kick ass!"

On the other hand I don't think that criticism should be sent to the writers via twitter. They are said to have other methods of finding out what is and isn't working for fans and I feel when it comes to what isn't these methods are bound to be better. After all a person tweeting only has 140 characters to explain their complaint and without a proper explanation they may just come across as a 'hater' 'troll' 'spammer' whatever you want to call it. Rather than as a fan with legitimate concerns about the direction of the show.

What about the rest of you? What do you all think about how the fans and writers should interact? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts in the comment section :) 
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I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here by Jeremy Carver, is a solid but controversial opening to the season, which immediately picks up where season eight left off. It deals with the consequences of Sam’s decision to abandon the demon trials, the angels fall and follows Castiel as he adjusts to being human for the first time. One of the decisions made in this episode by Dean has proven to be deeply controversial amongst the fandom and I should warn fans of Dean I view it in a very negative light so you may want to avoid reading this review. That said on to the review itself.

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So recently I was involved in discussions on spnmonster page about queerbaiting and the bi-sexuality of Dean and I got thinking. While there is alot of discussion in fandom about non-canon pairings such as Wincest and Destiel, or speculation about whether character such as Dean and Castiel can be interpreted as bi-sexual or not. What do fans think of the confirmed gay and lesbian characters we have been shown on the show? Are they good LGBT representation or based solely on the confirmed canon characters do those who complain about the shows representation of LGBT character have a point?  I'll start by going through my own thoughts and would be very interested to hear what others think.

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Overall for me I have to say that I think the show has been much better at handling its female LGBT characters than it's males. For the most part the males have been portrayed in my opinion with over the top, cringe worthy personalities and as I note above at times is used as a mean of making a dig at part of the fandom. Whereas the females are generally treated more seriously and made into more rounded characters. I don't know whether this is due to the fact that the show is written by a team of straight males and perhaps some of them have the frat boy mentality of "Lesbians cool and hot, gay males not so much" or whether they just haven't realised the repeated pattern.

What do the rest of you think? Have I been too critical in my thoughts about these characters? I'd love to hear from you.
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